The showing of your house should never include your four legged family members. Find a good place for them to stay while you give your buyers the tour. House Selling Tips – House Buyers: Experts in home sales have differing opinions about many things when it comes to selling a house. There is one thing on which they all seem to agree, however. The house shouldn’t be shown with Fido and Tabby at home. Whether your buyers act as though they don’t mind, the fact is they may just be acting in a polite manner and won’t really tell you what they think. People who are allergic to pets shouldn’t be exposed to yours, especially when you’re trying to sell the house. In fact, they may just go on to the next house if yours contains family pets as they will be certain of the allergy factor if they were to choose your house and move in. You should always disclose that there are pets living in the house but putting them in front of the buyers is another story. Not everyone is comfortable with cats and dogs. Are your potential buyers coming back for a second time to see the house again? If your dog wasn’t around the first time, don’t make the mistake of believing that you are now buddies with your buyers and think they won’t mind if the dog stays home this time. You could be making a big mistake. It could cost you the sale of the house. Not everyone is comfortable with cats and dogs. You may not be able to wrap your mind around that, but do your best to consider that you are trying to sell your house and the market is very tough for sellers. Buyers are too rare to take a chance on turning away an interested buyer because you believe people should like your cat. Do the best job you can do to provide a neutral environment for those you show the home to. Everything possible should be lacking personal detail so the buyers can imagine themselves living there. If they dislike animals and yours are wandering around the house while they are there, they may have a harder time imagining themselves in the house.That’s the ultimate goal when you show the house. You want the viewers to start picturing how their sofa will look along that wall, or what color drapes they’ll put in the master bedroom. Make it as easy as possible for them to dream of living in your house. Find a good place to take your pets while you show the house and be sure to pick up the toys, clean and hide the litter box, and pick up the waste from the yard.

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