Are You Living In A House That
Is Too Big For You?

Would A Home Downsize
Help You Out?

Early in 2019, Cash House Buyers USA purchased a home from the Tatum Family. Mr. and Mrs. Tatum are an elderly couple in their 80s who owned a pair of homes right next door to each other for thirty-plus years.

They lived in one of the houses while relatives of theirs lived in the other. They were thinking they needed to downsize my home.

We were originally contacted by their daughter, Jacqueline, who began the conversation by telling me that her parents were supporting a number of their children and grandchildren who were living with her parents in both homes.


Two Houses. One Big Problem. Size.

It was clear from the picture that she painted that these family members were not holding up their end of the bargain. For starters, both homes were in a state of disrepair including a lot of deferred maintenance. They needed to go.

“We had reached a point where it was past the time for my parents to downsize,” said Jacqueline. “Basically, mom and dad were footing the bill for everything. They wanted to move but didn’t have a viable exit strategy.”

“Even though these are family members I’m talking about, everyone in the house next door needed to go,” she said.

“It was at this point that I reached out to Cash House Buyers USA to see if they could help us facilitate an as-is sale of both homes for a fair price so that my mom and dad could get on with their lives.” – Downsize my home was what they were thinking.

Downsize My Home – Cash Offer and a Complication

For Jacqueline, given the circumstances, the sooner she could relocate her parents, the better. This meant that the Tatum family would not be spending any additional time or their own money making repairs.

Jacqueline and I scheduled a meeting the next day to look at the houses. As it turned out, both properties were wrecks with foundation problems, inoperable HVAC units, not to mention a whole host of other issues.

downsize my home

That same day, I made an offer which the Tatum family and Jacqueline were happy with, we signed a contract and we began the process of putting things in motion so they could move into their new place.

In the meantime, I learned that Mr. and Mrs. Tatum needed to get a loan to purchase their new house.

Unfortunately, they had been turned down by one lender who essentially gave them the runaround and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get the deal closed.


Making Genuine Connections for Our Customers

As part of our service, we were able to get the Tatums connected with a loan officer who helped them with the purchase of a new home while they sold two houses to Cash House Buyers USA.

We even helped them with the logistics of the closing so that they were able to transfer the proceeds from the sale of their homes to the closing on the new one. All’s well that ends well.


Give Us a Call – We Could Help You Downsize

At Cash House Buyers USA, no situation is beyond our expertise, and we have the skills and connections to improvise where necessary.

If you’re in a similar situation and need guidance, please give us a call, and we’ll help you manage the details, so you can get on with your life – Click HERE to see how easy we make the selling process