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Why sell my home to an investor?

Selling your home to Cash House Buyers USA will be the easiest real estate transaction you’ll be a part of.

We handle all the legwork related to the sale, including verification of liens and other property-specific items that will allow you to convey ownership of your home minus any frustration.

We coordinate directly with the title company to ensure a smooth cash transaction at closing. Another reason why people choose us? They know what they get from the very beginning.

What if my property has liens?

We’ll do our own lien research in advance as well as have the title company provide us with a detailed report so we know what the liens are and can address them appropriately (See our Lien page for more detail on lien types).

What if we don’t have a will?

If you don’t have a will, our in-house title team specializes in allowing you to be placed in the correct ownership position from which you’re able to properly sell your house.

Even if you do have a will, please note it will also need to be probated unless you want to sell to us.

Through an Affidavit of Heirship process, we’ll work to identify heirs and their ownership interest (if any), so we can ensure finalizing the sale so you can get your cash proceeds.

When will closing occur?

We can close as fast as you would like, typically within a couple of weeks, unless there are lien or title issues.

Closings are cash, and there are no additional closing concerns such as inspections, financing qualifications, or appraisals.

Are there any seller-paid closing costs?

No, never; we pay for all closing costs.

This is key because closing costs are a broad expense related to selling a home (from escrow fees, title insurance, survey fees, document preparation, realtor fees, transaction fees, recording fees, and attorney’s fees).

It’s important that we pay all closing costs so you know what your bottom line is from day one. We’re clear from the beginning and will never spring any unexpected costs on you at closing.

What repairs must be done?

None. We’re buying your house as-is, which means no repairs or time-consuming cleaning on your part.

This is important because repairs can be very expensive and often require permits, inspector involvement, and specialized contractors whose work can take time.

Most sellers don’t want to do repairs for these reasons; rather, they want to sell in a manner that saves them from these unknowns while receiving a fair price.

How do I get an offer?

We’ll gather preliminary information from you over the phone, complete our due diligence in person, and, on the day we come out, will complete our walk-through of the property.

At this stage, we’ll present you with a written offer in person.

Can a home be sold during a divorce?

The short answer is yes, but it can be quite a bit more complicated than that.

We have an article about just that: Can you sell a house during a divorce?

When will I need to move?

Moving typically takes place by the day of closing.

However, if you have extenuating circumstances, we may be willing to work with you and offer a short-term leaseback.

How and when do I receive my money?

We use a nationally-known title company to act as an intermediary in order to make sure all parties are protected.

The title company serves as an intermediary to make sure all cash is collected on the day of closing and transferred to you when you’ve signed the closing documents.

This transfer occurs either via check or electronic wire into your account.

What is a Title Company?

A title company is a state-regulated entity that handles and insures real estate transactions. Because they are closely monitored by the government, everything is insured and guaranteed.

Title companies are primarily used in real estate transactions to protect buyers and sellers from financial losses.

What if an owner is not able to come to closing?

Often times we deal with owners who may be out of state/out of the area or are physically unable to make it to the title company to sign closing documents.

In these situations, the title company will arrange for a mobile closer/notary public to come to you, regardless of your location, to execute the proper documentation.