elderly homeowner

Accepting the idea that moving from your long-time home or moving a loved one from their long-time home is a difficult thought for most people. Often there is a necessity to move for heath or professional care reasons to ensure peace of mind for families.

The sale of this home can allow for funds to be used for this health care or expensive assisted living communities or simply to support a home downsize. Cash House Buyers USA is here to help you sell quickly without hassle since completing home repairs may not be an option and selling relatively quickly is a necessity. We will walk you through the entire process all the way to closing.

Common Circumstances that we see are:

Qualify for Government Health Benefits

Move to a Retirement community


Receive Money to pay for Health Care

Relocate to live with family members

Power of Attorney or Guardian Sale

We will purchase the home in its “as is” condition even if there is a large amount of personal property being left behind. Valuable government benefits can often be achieved to quick health care needs by selling to a professional home buyer like us.

We are very upfront and honest about the home selling process so you know what to expect from the very beginning. We know this home has personal value and we will treat the property with care and integrity even after the ownership has been transferred. We believe in helping people sell good homes so we can help other families find good homes.

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Why Should You Sell Your House to Cash House Buyers USA?

Homeowners trust us because we mean what we say and always stand behind our promise.