Cash House Buyers USA specializes in home liens

Cash House Buyers USA specializes in helping home sellers’ resolve liens as part of our service so you are able to complete the property sale. All paperwork and lien releases will be handled by us and properly recorded by our Title Company at closing to make sure all liens are paid and satisfied so you don’t have to worry about creditors coming back to you after the sale. In the majority of lien situations, we can arrange for the lien to be paid at closing so you do not have any up front out of pocket expense.

Common Lien situations are:


(all types including conventional, VA, FHA, reverse mortgage, home equity loans and tax loans)—We will work with the title company to make sure accurate payoff statements are obtained and loans are paid off at closing.

Estate of Medical Liens

Our due diligence will help inform you if these exist and if they will require payment as part of the sale of the home(sometimes they do not require payment)

City or County liens

We are familiar with the City and County process regarding these and will obtain the payoff information before closing so they can be satisfied.

Federal Tax Liens

The government can be intimidating but we are familiar with the proper channels and will help you in resolving this so you can move forward with completing the sale of the property.

Property Tax Liens

We are capable of quickly identifying and clearing Tax liens at closing so you do not have to pay any up front cost.

Homeowners Association Liens

HOA’s can be difficult to deal with on an individual basis but we have experience in handling these and will ensure they are released allowing the sale of the property.

Credit Card Liens or Judgements

These can be very tricky at times but often homeowners do not know they are filed against a property until it is too late. Cash House Buyers USA can help you navigate these liens to a reduced settlement amount or often have the waived and dismissed all together.

Child Support Liens

The State is very particular about having these paid and we will help work with you in resolving them so you do not have to come up with the funds in advance of the sale of the property.

Our extensive lien resolution experience makes us very unique in real estate. If you are worried about a lien preventing you from selling your house, schedule a meeting with one of our team members who can fill you in on the resources at our disposal to resolve your situation.

Important Note: Our Lien Release Solutions typically do not require any up front out of pocket expense paid by you

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