Sell A House With A Problem Title

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Cash House Buyers Usa

Do you own a home, or have you inherited
a home with a title issue that can not be cured?

We Buy Houses With Problem Titles!

If you are looking to sell a house with a problem title, this article may be what you are looking for:

Have you attempted to sell through other avenues only to find at the last minute that closing wasn’t possible?

Cash House Buyers USA specializes in these types of problems and can help you complete a sale and realize the cash proceeds from the sale.

Frequently Home Sellers Come to us for the following or similar issues:

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Unable to locate an Heir

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Child Support or other liens exceed property value

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Lien Holder is no longer in business

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Family Member Incarcerated

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Family members unwilling to participate in the sale

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Minor children involved

Selling a house with a problem title does not have to be a stumbling block!

We are very familiar with the above-mentioned challenges that have blocked or could potentially block the sale of your property.

Since each situation is unique, please give us a call and complete the online form to come up with a personalized solution strategy to help you complete the sale and realize the financial gain you deserve.

Ref: 10 Common Problem Titles