selling a house that you have inherited - sell to a cash home buyer

The Stress-Free Way to Sell an Inherited House

At Cash House Buyers USA we are absolute experts in this field. We know all about Wills, Probate and how to sell even if you don’t have all of these legal documents in order.

Selling an inherited property can have many challenges if you do not choose an experienced professional which can result in a failed sale. Most Realtors and Home Buyers do not know the proper procedures or documents required for clearing title and finalizing a sale. With over a decade of experience in this field Cash House Buyers USA DOES!

Some Common situations that we are familiar with include

red tick graphicNo Will

No problem we know the legal process to help you sell

red tick graphicEstate or Medical Liens

We can guide you through the process of having these cleared

red tick graphicWill available but Probate not Completed

No Problem-our team will help you create the proper documents

red tick graphicReverse Mortgages

We can work with your to have this satisfied as part of the closing

red tick graphicMultiple Heirs/family members with ownership interest

Don’t worry, we see this all the time and will work with you to make sure everybody is informed and treated fairly

red tick graphicOut of State Heirs

We can help arrange for them to sign proper documentation from their part of the Country to allow for the property sale to be completed, no need to travel here in person

red tick graphicHome in disrepair

We will buy the property “as is” with no repairs or clean up required by you

Important Note: Our Inheritance Solutions typically do not require any up front out of pocket expense paid by you

Often selling an inherited home means parting with a valued memory or sentimental belongings. We are sympathetic to what you may be going through and are happy to work with you on your timeline as you complete the settlement of your loved one’s estate.

It is important to know that we are here to help you complete a smooth transition and will genuinely help you in any means possible. Often times inherited family members inquire about where to donate unwanted goods, or need assistance finding an estate sale company. Cash House Buyers USA has a vast number of resources that we can refer you to for resolving these all too common details.

Also, we appreciate the significant time and financial investment you have made in settling this estate and selling of the property. It is important that you choose a home buying company like Cash House Buyers USA that can accommodate you in this process. We value your time and will provide excellent communication as well as a timely home selling process.

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Why Should You Sell Your House to Cash House Buyers USA?

Homeowners trust us because we mean what we say and always stand behind our promise.