Our Process

about our process

Selling My House to
Cash House Buyers USA:


No Closing Costs or Commissions Paid by You

We are not licensed realtors, nor do we use realtors to represent us when buying homes, so there will never be a commission to be paid out of your proceeds. We pay for all closing costs. This is key because closing costs are a broad expense related to selling a home (from escrow fees, title insurance, survey fees, document preparation, realtor fees, transaction fees, and attorney’s fees). It’s important that we pay all closing costs to know what your bottom line is from day one. We’re clear from the beginning and will never spring any unexpected costs on you at closing.


Sell Your Home As-Is

Even if the home is in disrepair or needs light cosmetic repair, or full of clutter, you won’t have to do anything as part of the process of selling the home to us. We make it easy.


Close on Your Schedule

We will agree on a specific closing date at the beginning when we execute a contract. Basically, we’re here to accommodate you and close in a time frame that’s convenient for your schedule. You can pick a closing date that is days away or months away. We’ll work with you to make it happen.

Reasons People Typically Sell to Us

People sell to us in most situations not because they’re distressed or desperate, but because they have carefully weighed their options and realize that selling to Cash House Buyers, USA adds a degree of ease and certainty that makes the most sense.

We’re local to Texas and are experts in resolving all real estate-related issues to simplify the selling process. In our 15 years of business and with thousands of homes purchased, we’ve encountered every conceivable situation in the real estate universe. No circumstance is too unique for our team of seasoned experts to handle.

We can answer any questions you may have. We’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. We encourage you to research us online or ask for references from sellers who have sold to us.