What We Do

we are a cash house buying company located in Texas, USA

We are a full-service home-buying company in business, full-time, since 2004

We Buy Houses, yes, but there is much, much more to a real estate sale than is commonly known.

We make sure all parties are protected in the sale by using proper state contracts and documents as well as coordinating the closing through a state-regulated Title Company that insures the transaction. This is important because doing things legally prevents lien holders from coming back on you, the seller.

We stand by you

Our team is on your side. We are with you through the entire sale process to make sure you’re always in the know, even if surprises pop up during the title search.

We understand that selling a home can have sentimental value and personal meaning for some people. As such, we value your trust in the process. It’s critical that you’re selling to a reputable company that’ll take care of you throughout the process–from beginning through closing. And, of course, we’ll even find a good family for your home after we complete any updating or repairs that may be needed…

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Here’s What to Expect:

  1. Give us a call so we can learn about you and make sure we accommodate your needs.
  2. During our free phone consultation, we’ll schedule a time to view your home.
  3. When we meet, we’ll provide you with an offer on-site, in person.
  4. If we come to an agreement, we’ll execute a state-regulated contract to send to the title company.
  5. The title company will research the homeownership and obtain lien information.
  6. We’ll work with the title company to handle the clearing of liens if any pop up (in some cases, we may need your help).
  7. Once all liens are identified, everybody signs the closing documents.
  8. You get your cash!