Avoiding Foreclosure, Covid19 Forbearance and Eviction Moratoriums

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected most Countries badly, and the USA is no exception. Like most states, Texas is also affected and this includes the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area.

People who struggled before to make ends meet are now facing being in an even worse position. Due to the pandemic, this situation is affecting even more people and is impacting the ability of some to pay mortgages or rent. Avoiding foreclosure becomes a big thing.

But thankfully, the government is taking action to help families keep their homes so that thousands don’t become homeless over the coming months.

Covid 19 Forbearance, Foreclosure, and Eviction Moratoriums

The Covid Pandemic Has Triggered
A Housing Affordability Crisis.

For example, one out of five renters or residential tenants is behind on rent because they don’t have money to pay. These tenants could face eviction.

Additionally, more than 10 million homeowners are behind their mortgage payments, potentially facing foreclosure proceedings & eviction proceedings. Avoiding foreclosure is the main focus of these homeowners.

If they don’t have enough income, they won’t be able to pay their mortgages. If they can’t pay the mortgages, the bank will not hesitate to foreclose and repossess the properties when allowed. That means those homeowners will also become homeless sooner or later.

Does That Mean Homeowners & Renters
Will Soon Have To Leave Their DFW/Texan Homes?

Not at the moment.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development came together to expand and extend foreclosure moratoriums and forbearance relief programs.

Although these programs would have been due to expire by March, the committees decided to extend them because of the current economic conditions of most families. Otherwise, it would have left many families at risk of falling into deeper debts, eventually losing their homes, and not being able to avoid foreclosure.

The new reforms state that homeowners will soon receive these benefits because of the unprecedented national emergency everyone is going through.

The Summary of the Foreclosure Moratorium
& Mortgage Payment Forbearance
Announcements Are As Follows:

• The extension for foreclosure moratorium for homeowners.

• They have extended mortgage payment forbearance facilities for those requesting forbearance.

• Provide six months of additional mortgage forbearance and three-month increments for those who entered forbearance before June 30, 2020.

Trying To Help Everyone In Need
During Covid 19 Times

The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development are ensuring that more families make the most of these facilities.

Quite recently, the Federal Housing Finance Agency also announced that it is ready to extend forbearance by as many as three months to those who are almost at the end of their forbearance period.

According to experts, this coordinated movement is likely to cover nearly 70% of single-family home mortgages, making it easier for homeowners to repay their money.

President Biden says he is doing everything to protect housing stability and homeownership in America as the country starts recovering its economy in the next few years.

He said that the cooperation of Congress is also crucial at the moment as it has the power to pass the American Rescue Plan that can deliver additional aid to the hard-hit homeowners.

The American Rescue Plan can create a Homeowners Assistance Fund that will provide different states with as much as $10 billion to help homeowners pay their mortgages and utility costs. Experts believe this relief is crucial for homeowners with mortgages in private markets.

Relief For American Homeowners Against
Covid 19 Forbearance, Foreclosure, and Eviction Moratoriums
– But For How Long? –

The relief announced by the core committees will benefit almost 2.7 million homeowners currently in Covid 19 forbearance.

Its extension in the availability of forbearance options for nearly 11 million government-backed mortgages will give homeowners some breathing space so that they don’t have to worry about losing their homes & avoiding foreclosure.

This relief program aims to assist both small and large communities.

This is another reason why the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development worked together to deliver urban, suburban, military, and rural homeowners with reverse mortgage facilities.

Everything You Need to Know About Covid-19 Forbearance, Foreclosure, and Eviction Moratoriums

Foreclosure – What Are My Options?

Many people ask what’s the alternative if they can’t pay the mortgages even after making the most of these forbearance and eviction moratorium facilities.

Well, one option we as a company can offer is to sell their homes for cash, move to a rented place as a tenant, live with family, etc.

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Plenty of families are struggling to make ends meet because of the loss of work. There is also the pressure of increased prices of groceries and utilities.

Financial experts are pointing out that those who already have homes are now looking at the option of quickly selling them for cash. This is because they need money to stay afloat as a family before getting into foreclosure.

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Centralized Resource For Housing Assistance

Sometimes, renters and homeowners can’t keep up with the news and changing reforms of the government (e.g., changes in hardship declaration, foreclosure proceedings, residential eviction & tenant law, executive order, etc.).

The government has now started a new housing page on the Consumer Finance website to provide updates on benefits that renters and homeowners will get. Such as protections, rental assistance, the financial hardship of property owners, renter relief options, and key deadlines.


The federal agencies are working hard to ensure that these programs help as many families as possible.

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